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Greetings from Arcadia, WI!

Life is funny. I started a new job as Sys. Admin here at Initrode, story Inc. when I retrained at DeVoyd Tech, illness after the refridgerator plant down on Ruttle Road closed. After six months of surfing the web, I had the happiness of finding my sister Heidi. You know her as “Heather”. This brassy parlor lady stuff is all an act. I want to tell you a little bit about the sister I grew up with in Lullaby, Wisconsin. She was a bright student, and organized the Penny Drive for Hunger in Ethiopia. She plays a reckless souse, but really she is a good skater who loves snow and carolling. There are six of us kids, Heidi the second oldest, and me the second youngest. You could really get lost in that family, but she took care of me, making sure I had both my mittens and a potato made it to my plate. Did you know that her middle name is “joy”? I hope I can get her to come on home for Easter. Then we will all be together again, except for Michael, who is in jail again for beating his third wife with an empty bottle of Grey Goose, and Jenna “Fritzi”, who was last seen peddling her hoo-ha for dope in Columbus, Ohio.