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You can’t get a hug from a mug with a slug

Oh internet, I’m in pain. Why does my body fight me so? Do I not ply it with cookies? Do I not sing it show tunes while driving in the car? I give, and I give. This week’s car theater theme is “the wild, wild west.” O! Klahoma. And so much more.

Another installment of Complain and Ye Shall Receive: there was a dead bug on the bathroom floor for a few days. Rather than remove it, I chose to complain about it and leave it there. Choices. We all make them sometimes. I suppose it’s a poor one to stage a contest of will with a dead bug, but there you have it. The bug held ground admirably. Then yesterday I was vindicated because the cat sauntered in and ate it, clean as a whistle.

Today’s contest: me vs. the printer/copier.