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Try a little tenderness

I honestly can’t remember why I ever saved this picture to my “MUST USE” folder, but then again, why wouldn’t I have saved it? Perhaps it’s a commentary on impostor syndrome or the vulnerability of the creative state, or perhaps it’s an accurate description of my preferred workplace dress code. We’ll never know, will we?

OK, we do know. I would totally work naked given the option. And I am, thank god.

Where did we last leave your intrepid narrators? I chose to turn to page 33, and I was eaten by a bear. Stupid move. Lambchop opted for page 18, and she was rewarded with the discovery of pirate treasure! This is just not fair. OK, I’m in a room. I see a door. There is a table with a key on it.

What actually happened? I left the country, but they wouldn’t keep me. Prescription drugs rain like lemon drops. My personal life continues to gracefully degrade, and my professional life, well, see above. Each day is an ongoing horror fest, punctuated by the sublime. I haven’t been to a grocery store since early 2011, so there’s that.