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Oh what to do…

I asked Steve Strange what to do about feeling blue, and he launched into a story about overdosing in a hotel whirlpool. So his friends order pizza and when it arrives, they pay the delivery man to shuttle ol’ Steve off to the ER. I said “feeling blue” not “turning blue.” But you can’t stop that cheeky monkey when he’s on a tear. But that reminds me of one of my favorite things to do when I am blue, eat pizza. So without further ado, a LIST:

Things to do when you are blue
1. Eat pizza
2. Klonipin (does not matter if you swallow it, look at it, or just think about it. it will make you feel better).
3. Wardrobe! (do something with yourself, for god’s sake)
4. Deep breaths (sexy ones, if possible)
5. Have sex (again, try to make it sexy, if possible)

Things not to do when you are blue
1. Listen to songs on repeat
2. Cry in a public bathroom
3. Hitch a ride to the ER in a pizza wagon (sorry, Steve!)
4. Look up the lyrics to Warlocks’ “Suicide Note”
5. Watch “Stroszek” (see how that turned out?!)

Please let me know if this list changes your life!