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Killer in the Home

Two thirds of my household has been stricken with a plague, much like our poor Lambchop, and the other third has been stricken with large capacity existentialism.  As a result, we all very much want to lie down, thank you. Except the child, who prefers tearing around, no matter how high the fever. Her brain must have already melted, poor little sprocket.

Maybe our problem is actually carbon monoxide, not mono. I have detectors propped in each bedroom since I was all worried about the fire department’s inspection of our construction, but the guy didn’t even look at them, so I never bothered to add batteries. Deceit!

Finally, a poll: Who thinks marsala mushroom sauce is a good idea to pair with filet mignon? Answer: not me. But that could be the existentialism talking. And talk it does! On and on in my ear.  Nothing seems like a good idea, and since I typically trade in bad ideas, this should not be surprising, yet somehow it is a handicap.

Uh huh

The slow start of my brain today reminded me of subzero mornings in Boston, rushing into the car, somehow feeling colder inside than outside the icy metal box and waiting for the heat to kick in. Waiting and waiting. I was never good at that. It was 12pm today and I found I had not done anything useful. Some guy randomly cold-calls and wants information on asylum seeking. I don’t have to help him since he is not a client, but I do and I wish him luck. I would like to seek asylum as well. A warm room with an easel where a slab of meatloaf and some mushy peas will be brought to me each evening, and I will have to think of nothing but how yellow do I want my yellow.

How yellow *do* I want my yellow? Pretty yellow, I should say.

Nonsense. Hello, reader, it is about time you heard from us germs, we are running the show over here now having taken over the organism. We are going to run it much more efficiently. We like warmth, food and self-replication. Don’t know if we get into this journal-ing business much. Please stop by and say hello to us personally. Come closer, you smell nice. Much closer.