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Welcome Back to the Future

Well it was a glittery two weeks of vacation in 1982. I was there for the unveiling of Diet Coke! What I never realized at the time is how much the Japanese loved Joanie Loves Chachi. Then I found out that in Japanese, “chachi” means penis. Joanie really does love Chachi.

My alma mater, Yale, was running a 14 week course on how to solve Rubik’s Cube. I had just bought all my course materials (1 Rubik’s Cube) when I remembered that I have a ticket to go see Morrissey with Licketysplit in 2004! And then I have to leave for Berlin, to do a portrait comission.

Blast, I did not have time to shag either David Bowie or Peter Murphy! I did however, manage a trek over to my old neighborhood, where I saw myself at age 9, tottering around on those white skates with the metal wheels and a faceful of Crayola makeup. I fought back tears at the sight of my own manic little face, and I whispered “don’t go swimming with sunglasses.” I didn’t think it would be too interfering to spare myself *that* much loss!

So here I am in 2004, trying to brush out the crimp in my hair. Who wants a souveneir copy of Toto IV?


ps. Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey!

Everything she wants

club fantastic megamix

Some of you may have been wondering where Lambchop is. I wondered too, but then I got a report that she’s taking a brief vacation. In 1982.

I hear it’s nice!

Actually, she DID get a Genius Grant, for excellence in the field of sustainable hairstyle development. She’s been holding out on me since she got the phone call and whopping novelty check. I guess we’ll have a party? Anyway, she’s waiting for her spiffy new Mac, the computing choice of reasonable humans everywhere, to arrive. And once it’s here, she plans to publish a position paper entitled “Consider Bulimia” as part of our new humanitarian campaign against obesity.