They’re Smoking Cigars

Today is the much revered day of Lambchop’s birthday. I cannot be there with her, but I can only hope she is brunching in style and wearing her fanciest socks. May traffic part before her, and may hipsters spontaneously molt their beards at the very sight of her. Is a clean-shaven Brooklyn too much to ask for one special day? Also, there must be dumplings.

She is, after all, the Mary, and don’t let her tell you otherwise!

We all know she is lovely and inspiring, yet she is utterly impossible to shop for (do I get her more wigs? More doll heads? A clipboard? What?). After a few hours of cursing the personal shopper at Saks, I was at loose ends. So I got myself a haircut. It’s the least I can do since she’s the one that has to look at me!

XXOO!!!!!! We and all the other personalities love you, Lambie! What would we do without you?  We miss you, Boddddyyyyyyy!

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