You’re the Nemesis! No, You’re the Nemesis!

Show of hands here: who considers Lambchop to be his or her personal nemesis, and who spent last night weeping into a stray sock because Lambchop suggested that someone else is her own nemesis? Are you just trying to make us jealous? Well, it worked. We all hopped on AIM and started sharing stories of remi-nemesis-ing.

“Once she drove over my foot with a car! And she doesn’t even have a license.”

“She always called me fat in the bathroom at Man Ray!”

“She took my gummy worms right out of my mouth!”

“She used to call ME ‘The Shaven Ape.'”

“Well, *I* was BunnyTits!”

“I was Pizza Hat!”

You get the idea.

Happier Times, Trying to Strangle Each Other

Now, a stiff poll!

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4 responses to “You’re the Nemesis! No, You’re the Nemesis!”

  1. My favorite all time nickname I ever stuck on anyone: Me, Skot, and John went over to this girl “Wall-eyed” Rachel’s house and her (significantly older) boyfriend hobbled out of the bedroom on crutches with a case or an iv or whatever, all moaning and extremely pitiful in some industrial looking pajamas. I gave him a once over and said “hey, it’s Hospital Johnny”.

    Wall-eyed Rachel was pretty good, too. She was a real looker, but you never knew in which direction. HAW.

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