Life is Nothing Much to Lose

The more I ignore you, the more laborious you get.  In come the botherers, the interrupters and the hecklers to scold us into abundance and industry.

A fanciful head needs neither hat nor occupation.  I require only my wits to accompany me through this doleful semblance of existence.  That leaves the majority of you in the cold.  Well, allow me to suggest an anorak of some type.

And wherefore all this joie de vivre?  Have you all won some kind of lottery in which good looks are dispensed?  Alas, no.  Some English fool wrote “Give the People What They Want”, but I haven’t a bullet or a pill to spare, I have only as many as all of my cares.

So you persist in living, in dragging your pulchritude around like a sack of suet on its way to the butcher.  You may be a freckle on god’s massive scrotum….oh where was I?  You are still here.  You have thoughts and opinions after all.  I have spent my entire career giving you advice, and it has gotten us exactly nowhere.  Well, it has gotten *you* exactly nowhere.  I actually have a rather nice house and some truly exceptional bedding. 

Let my words take over, and remind you of all you should be thinking, and all you should be singing:  Life is a Pigsty!

3 responses to “Life is Nothing Much to Lose”

  1. You say I don’t know how to live
    (And that’s true)
    You say I don’t deserve to live
    Oh, where would I be without my friends to help me ?
    I just can’t imagine where I’d be, can you ?

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