Pre, post, and currently traumatic

Internet, you jerk. I am trying to decide if I should go back to the therapist I saw last year or the year before or maybe the year before that for Wanting to Throw the Ybab in the River Syndrome. I want to throw the ybab in the river again. I am starting to think this is a personality flaw on her part, not mine. Can you have a two-year-old treated for Total Asshole Syndrome? Is there some kind of off-label use for animal tranquilizer everyone else is in on but me? I am so sorry that jerkism is hereditary. It is really biting me in the patootie.

But anyway, the therapist I saw back whenever that was happens to drink lots of soda with real calories, and that used to disturb me to no end. And I couldn’t just tell her that (because I’d sound crazy, wokka wokka), but jeez, I can’t watch someone drink two Mountain Dews or Pepsis in a row at 10AM. Am I really that boring with my petty neuroses that the woman has to prop her eyelids up with toothpicks? Don’t answer that.

I idly considered finding a new therapist, maybe one of those fancy CBT ones who will snap me with a rubberband every time I consider peeing on the floor. I wonder how therapists of that ilk feel about how cock and ball torture comes up ahead of their professional organization in the Google? Does this give them a complex? Do they just move their no-complainy bracelet to the other wrist and blithely move on? I’d like to know what that’s like. I require a full day of rumination if someone is a little hasty at a 4-way stop! And do not even talk to me about the grocery store. I couldn’t find the wheat germ. It was awful.

Oh well, if I can’t have low calorie mental health, at least I finally convinced someone at Saab to put a new liger on the back of the car. Someone stole the original one! Can you imagine? What must they be doing with it?

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  1. Don’t get me started on 4-way stops. Rage, utter rage. They are all around me in Slummerville, and I want to scratch someone’s eyes out on a regular basis.

    As someone who is perhaps overtherapazized, however, I realize this is a manifestation of my inner, umm… you know, that thing…?

    Wait, no. People are just stupid and deserve a good eye-scratching.

  2. And then a bitch up and did it again at the 4-way stop! Why, people, why!

    I have an inner hobo.

  3. I got no idea what to do about shrinkage. Mine is apparently good enough to be so busy she finds it hard to fit me into her schedule — so do I wait, or find someone less busy?

    Or is that the same thing as saying I liked mental hygeine before it was popular?

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