NOW I know how Joan of Arc felt

This just in: it’s stinking November! Didn’t I just warn you about this? Faaaaack. It’s too early to go to the Caribbean.

Dismember? Nofunever? I will think of the perfect Novemberism right after I post, I’m sure. Nonmember. That’s me. The Democratic Party called the other to thank me for my generous donation a few years ago. I said yes I am so nice like that, the things I do for those children, but what good did it do? And the poor lady read a script about all the ways they screwed up and all the things they are going to do differently next time around, and would I consider doubling my donation? I said I had left the party. I don’t know if this is true, but I am not about to part with my no money yet. But please don’t start out by telling me how you suck when you want to ask me for money.

Me? Oh, I am fine, thanks for asking! More about me: Last night I got hella free candy because I had the foresight to have offspring. That made it all worthwhile, let me tellyoo. Abdominal surgery, sleepless nights, and the occasional poop on the floor? Certainly a bargain price of a snack-size Kit-Kat! Oh, give me a break, give me a break! Break me off a piece of that.

Allrighty, what’s good about November? How psyched are you for November? Guy Fawkes day!!!!!! That is in November. Thanksgiving is in November, and that’s generally fun if you put aside historical context and all. I make a mean quinoa pilaf. Veteran’s Day, well, that could be a downer. Depends on who you ask. Halloween candy on sale? Don’t need that and would not want to catch obesity from looking at it funny either. Christmas decorations will slowly start to become more contextually appropriate. I think we should just neatly excise October and November from the calendar. Halloween can be moved to September, right after my 25th birthday. The Vomitola calendar is awesome. St. Croix’s Day is a real day! So is “everyone’s attractive” day! Except that is not really true. We just pretend and feel better.

5 responses to “NOW I know how Joan of Arc felt”

  1. Everyone? Really? Then I guess I should spend less time bitching and more time…oh, whatever it is happy, well-adjusted people do as they bravely face death.

    I personally apologize for November.

  2. Everyone I know has birthdays in November. Alpha and omega. Like, whoa.

    I think November = “Shitass month that is slightly redeemed during its penultimate week by mass quantities of turkey and stuffing.” But that’s a mouthful.

  3. Lousy Smarch weather….

    My next-door neighbor’s child apparently defecated our lawn the other week or month. That was hilarious, I am told. Sadly I missed the blessed event.

    It was almost as hilarious in the retelling, because the word “deuce” was used and I thought they had said “douche” for a moment.

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