If I drink that, I’ll just have to pee again

Casa Vomitola survived a visit from ybab’s grandparents. We sat around. We fell asleep mid-conversation. We stared into space and refused entertainment and liquids. We made arrangements very, very complicated. We mean well. We always mean well.

In other news, my accountant died. This is very sad, and this is not allowed! I require eternal dedication from my professional services providers. I have no idea where to send my receipts now. Maybe this is a sign that the lord doesn’t want me to file taxes anyway.

Also, my hairstylist has the nerve to be on vacation! I am thisclose to cutting my own bangs. I am quite good at it thanks to Allure Magazine, but she will still be mad if I do. Well, don’t go on vacation then! Await my whim, universe.

One response to “If I drink that, I’ll just have to pee again”

  1. My hair stylist is always perplexed when I cut my own bangs, as if she can’t figure out why she did such a crap job the last time she cut my hair.

    P.S. I don’t know if I ever mentioned how I found your blog, which I love… I am a friend of Korin’s, dcstarlette on LJ. Just so you know I’m not a crazy stalker. A regular, non-crazy one for sure!

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