920: Begin again

Oh, hi! I didn’t see you come in. That’s because I can’t turn my head to the right. You don’t want to know. Soon, you may find yourself entertained by a famous guest columnist. Do not be alarmed! I can scarcely form a thought, and that was even before I ate frozen blueberries soaked in booze last night. I’ll be on a holiday as well, and Mr. H and I have specifically picked a place with no internet access. That’s right! Such places exist. If we cave mid-way through our vacances, we will have to swim over to a giant floating Starbucks and pay $8 a second. But I doubt we will, because that water is motherloving cold.

3 responses to “920: Begin again”

  1. I’m typing here and watching a live report of The Keynote. Three places at once, and only two nipples.

  2. I miss you, not that I actually know you… but your blog make me laugh. So thanks for that, from me and my offspring. (everybody likes the laughing mommy) She is oh so much better than grumpy mommy who showed up today complaining about the apple sauce lake and cracker boats all over the dining room floor. wtf… that’s where they go…duh.

  3. Oh anonymous (and David), I miss you too! Life is so hard without electrons. Where else would you put an applesauce lake? Do you go around telling Christo what to wrap next? Or I guess you could get a tarp. I needed one of those even without a ybab.

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