The 912 Commission

Hey, I had 911 posts. This domain expires in July. Should I push the stupid pedal to the metal and flame out with 1000? I think I can do it.

Let’s talk about Lost. I know some of you haven’t watched the finale yet or are waiting for the deeveedee, like peasants. I will only say that all the people who are speculating about the identity of the person in the newspaper clipping are morons. If the show runs until 2010, what are thee odds that they will introduce new characters in the next two or three seasons? Oh, I dunno. Let’s leave the numbers to Vegas. Plus I found the screen cap, squinted really hard, and the last name fragment doesn’t match the last name of any known characters. At least not according to the listing on alt.nerd.obsessive.

And I don’t even LIKE Lost. But I was entertained by the finale. I like how that show continually throws me a bone and lets me observe really obvious things and thus feel smart. I am not smart. I’m happily watching network television while eating all manner of snacks, so right there we have a basic tip off about my intelligence level. I didn’t watch most of the last season because I work from ybab bedtime until hell freezes over every night. And last night I did not have any snacks while I watched, but I thought about snacks, and I wished I had some snacks, and I almost got up and went all the way over the kitchen to get some, but snacks are too loud and wake up ybabs. At least in this house. No walls and all. Typing wakes a ybab, for that matter. I am living on borrowed time over here.

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  1. Spontaneous human combustion is a very real problem. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it 1000 times.

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