Let meee get this straight

I’ve really got nothing. Normally this does not stop me from typing and typing and typing with abandon, but there is a first time for everything!

I could tell you: we saw some dogs.

I could tell you: Morgellons is really what happens when a “subject” rejects the attempted infestation by black ops-developed bio warfare nano fibers, which would love to get in there and replace your DNA with their own. You have to watch out for the gold-tipped one because it contains a camera. I heard this. You don’t want to know. Oh, the coverup is vast. Don’t let Big Pharma know I told you, or the Illuminati will be on me like white on rice.

I could tell you: there are people in this world who have sent rockets into space, but these same people cannot enjoy foreign cuisines or resist buying quack medicine.

One response to “Let meee get this straight”

  1. The record shows what Armstrong said when he stepped on the moon, but it ignores what the other guy said before takeoff: “Oh shit, I’m sitting on a giant pile of low bids…”

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