Slow and low

I just spent the weekend on my knees, and boy are my arms tired! Finish what needs to be finished, says Mercury, and I say well mayhap the floor was not scrubbed since the last Mercury retrogade yes OK. Haha, not what you thought. Not at all.

The light on the ice floe outside is blinding. SRSLY.

It is time for the collecting of thoughts and the airing of grievances, which can only mean I am about to test out my exorbitant new co-pay and go back to the shrink. I want goals! I want to leave myself Post-Its saying “no being a shit.” I want to tell other people “No being a victim.” And “Genealogy will save us all. Can I also interest you in something even more tedious, like scrapbooking?” I found out my last name was originally spelled with a lot more vowels and diacritical marks. Who’s critical? Not me.

3 responses to “Slow and low”

  1. What does it say about me that it took a few moments of pondering to determine what my first thought should have been? As soon as I see the word “knees,” my mind goes directly to Murphy’s Oil Soap.

  2. I need to get Ja’s brother both “No being a shit” AND a “No being a victim” shirts, for real.

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