Whoa dilly

I am in the land of mundane tasks. That is right next to the Island of Misfit Toys. The cat has started a pots n’ pans band with the ybab. I asked them to be quiet while I was calling Fidelity to tell them to do something to my no-money, and they laughed at me. Then Fidelity laughed at me and said I had to DOWNLOAD A FORM AND MAIL IT LIKE A PEASANT, even though their site said to call a rep to access this feature. Some feature. Some pig. It’s OK, a ybab didn’t need a college fund anyway. She’ll get through on pluck and determination and a last minute made up scholarship essay just like her ma.

Speaking of the peasantry, I had to lie to them on engraved stationary the other day. Bless their little hearts. They think they are doing something good, but their puny offerings merely sadden and then enrage me. Back to the discount chain with your slutty infant outfits! I will thank you through pursed lips. My, what a colorful outfit. My. The accompanying rash is also colorful. Those pants make a six-month-old into a regular Tara Reid, which is what we all want in our heart of hearts. There is no nice way to just say “Please don’t buy gifts ever agin. We’ll still love you, if not love you even more.”

2 responses to “Whoa dilly”

  1. after 7 years
    we have evolved into gift card receivers.

    carson gets to pick out her own nonsense.
    and the wee julia is dressed to le nines.

    It is a tough transition, people love to buy clothes for a changling.

    They do not feel obligated to listen to the parents of said waif as they are blinded by sweatshop cuteness.

    The scary thing to me. The selection for my 7 year old is pure trash, it went from cute to trash.

    Luckily she dosn’t like the trash…….yet.

  2. Our ybab could also get into college on mediocre grades, sub-900 SAT scores,a lousy economy, and colleges who are accepting anyone who might have money at some point. That’s how her old man did it 🙂

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