A holiday scourge

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here. You’d think we’d gone and had a baby or something. But no, we’re recovering from colds and filing our hate mail related to our holiday card. A sample “deluted the tradition’s of Christ!!!! [sic, all of it]” SRSLY, you are no one until you are hated! I could do a dance. We were just being inclusive!

A ybab says “hi” and “da,” although in no particular context. The cat always gets a “hi,” although she could just be agreeing in Japanese.

All those year-end review shows on VH1 are catching me up on all the culture I blissfully missed. Fergie: what a scourge! London London London bridge. Can we deport her? She can move in to Madonna’s castle and grow an accent.

Mr. H owes me a guest blog on Fergie and Rachel Ray. He’s tentatively calling it “Hot? Or ugly chicks with haircuts?”

5 responses to “A holiday scourge”

  1. I believe he should provide a feminist interpretation and comment on the quality of their souls, not their haircuts.

  2. omgz i got your holiday card. so very ga! ga ga goo! oh babies babies babies. i am watching “runway moms” right now and p.s. SO tired of having sex. my gro-in, my gro-in, oh lawdy, my groAN.

  3. david: I am willing to bet Fergie’s soul is as stained as her cargo trousers. Rachel Ray’s is drenched in evooooo.

    lisa: You don’t have to have sex on my account. Seriously, get off the horse. It’s Christmas! Also: I will sell you a gently used ybab at any time.

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