My small life continues!

Today I took Potassium Challenge. To do this, put three bananas in a blender. Dump in almond milk and enough cocoa powder to turn things brown. You can add almond butter if you are feeling totally insane. If you are only feeling moderately insane, add peanut butter. Mmmm, allergenic. I like to serve in a glass chilled in the freezer. Instant pretendo vegan ice cream!

A ybab’s dental trauma continues. She’s decided not to stop with just a tooth. She’s growing a tusk. Like a narwhal or something.

I made a list of people who are fated to receive our holiday card. How do we know 100 people? I don’t want to know 100 people. I do not want to address 100 envelopes, that’s for damn sure.

14 responses to “My small life continues!”

  1. Do what I do: don’t send winter holiday cards with the expectation that you will be clever and send everyone spring holiday cards, but then don’t do that, either. That at least ensures you have fewer holiday cards to not-respond to next year.

  2. Repeat after me:

    Print your address labels (and return address labels). Any laser jet or ink jet printer will do it, and all office supply stores sell the label stickers for your printer.

    Type in the names, set it up, and go. Peeling stickers is MUCH easier than writing all those names, especially with a ybab hanging around playing grabby hands. 😀


  3. Oh lawsy, by “address,” I meant something something spreadsheet mail merge doodely doo. We HAVE the technology!

  4. No no, Max. I am a concerned friend who does not want to see her spend inordinate amounts of time getting crampy hands.

    It’s just a pain in the patoot to sign in to BloggerBeta because everytime I do, my comment gets erased.

    Hence the “anonymous.”


  5. Oh Sarah, you care about my wee paws! Max is a very skeptical person because he had a terrible experience with a fax machine salesperson once.

  6. Oh! I also get a glue stick to seal the envelopes after I have put all my labels on… I don’t lick them ,yuck!

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