Since you asked, LISA, gosh, nosy much!?

Then there was some sleeping, and some life force draining, and more sleeping, and more life force draining. Laundry was not folded. Then phone calls were made because someone thinks speakerphone is soooo funny. A ybab yelled at Grandma, who said crazy things. “Well, maybe those veal were raised nicely.” Then Mr. H came home. He brought me a present! No, he didn’t, but he should have. Now we’re having “apple pie,” and we plan to watch ANTM. Life is small and precious, no?

5 responses to “Since you asked, LISA, gosh, nosy much!?”

  1. You’re lucky. I was stuck in traffic on the NYS Thruway when ANTM was on. AND due to my parents’ fallen antenna, and DirecTV’s refusal to sell them an ABC affiliate because the local one would come through on said antenna, we missed Grey’s Anatomy too! (At least that one’s available free online.)

  2. Oh, A. Husband DELETED the latest Grey’s Anatomy before we watched it. No excuse. I am going to have to watch it online, like a peasant.

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