What happens when you Google failure?

Content Challenge, I hardly knew ye.

Today is the fourth time I’ve turned twenty-five. It was OK. I had a burrito! But then I noticed the otherwise fine establishment spelled it “Talapia.” Did you mean tilapia? Google says I am right, and that’s what you meant. I knew I was right. Duh. On principle, I should stop ordering the “Talapia,” but it is so darn tasty. This is like the time I had to stop eating at the restaurant with the inconsistent apostrophe, except I’m still going to eat the burrito sometimes. I have a whole card to fill up before I get a free one.

Today was probably the least celebrated and eventful birthday I’ve ever had, but what are you gonna do? If you’re a baby, you get THISCLOSE to rolling over, and you make a cute face. You are also good at the post office. You clearly test well with the latin market since that guy said “Que linda!” to you.

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  1. Apparently tilapia is a Fish Not To Be Eaten, because the ones that are caught and eaten are, wait for it, at least 40 years old, ie: there’ no way they can recover their populations for much longer….

  2. Luckily, Lickety and I will remail 25 forever, so we will not know what it’s like to be 40 or caught by a fishing net.

  3. jwer: I thought the tilapia shaming ban was lifted last year. Or maybe I am not really eating tilapia, but talapia. Talapia is assembled in the same factory as Chicken McNuggets.

    david: why isn’t everyone so considerate as to remain young and lithe?

  4. Never! Soon we will be able to only eat twigs and naturally fallen berries, and then only if we offset the carbon credit… I blame dirty hippies like David.

  5. nonsense. I know several anecdotes about environmentally friendly ways to raise tilapia (and possibly talapia). They’re long, so for simplicity’s sake I will only include the nouns:

    anecdote #1: Some Black Power dudes, hydroponic tomatoes, inner-city high school students

    anecdote #2: anarchists, hole in the ground, pile of rubble, old bathtub, marijuana

    anecdote #3: college professor, basement, New York Times.

  6. Wait, so I could just have a tub of tilapias in my laundry room? which is really just a closet? and i could reach in to that tub and have a tilapia whenever i wanted?

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