I’m into something good (leftover spaghetti)

Madge, I’m soaking in it. It’s March now? Why and how do these things keep happening? I can’t keep up. March always makes me think of back when companies were coming up with really stupid names, like marchFIRST. Whatever happened to them? Oh, bankruptcy, apparently.

And remember when PwC changed their name to Monday? Sadly, that also didn’t last.

I’m so glad I can remember dotcom era ephemera. Yet I keep forgetting to turn off the bathroom faucet, and I try to put the milk away in the cupboard on a fairly regular basis. Oh, right. It’s March. Double digits until the parasite hatches, and I get dumber by the minute.

One response to “I’m into something good (leftover spaghetti)”

  1. Wow, marchFIRST, awesome. I’m trying to remember my old pet name for them, but can’t quite. Was it marchFIST? IDESmarch? I don’t goddamn know.

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