The head gasket and how it blew

Oh, you don’t want that to happen. No sir. First the o-rings pop out, see, here, and then we have to cut this out of the main line, and I’ll just need these plastic bags to wrap it, yeah, sure, like a grocery bag, I’ll need… three’s good. If you hear a hissing noise, just ignore it. I’m not supposed to do it this way, but I didn’t have the right tool with me. Haven’t seen one of these things happen in five years. This’ll be two in ten years. I’ll be back tomorrow. Who could have known?

I should have killed the HVAC guy when I had a chance, two months ago. Now he’s trying to kill me. I think it’s a different guy, but what does it matter at this point? Oliver? Why is it doing the names in our bedroom? You can’t plug a two in with a six.

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