Rouge Rising Star

Last week’s entertainment brought us to the opening the very talented Scarlet Harlot, our own Julie Lohnes, at the Chase Gallery on Newbury Street. I lay on the pink velvet, I walked barefoot on the installation. Miss Lohnes, like me, delves into the Secret Life of Women. This work will seduce you with pinks and fleshy colored wax that beckons with sultry, amorphic forms. Something revolting is at the same time revealed to us in the presence of so much pink crushed velvet, like the cheap evening gown of a stripper, upon whose pillowy softness you are invited to tread. This work approaches tackiness and beauty with such care that they are not to be extricated from one another. The luxury here is inevitably louche and mysterious.

Straight up our alley!

We celebrated with Red Splendour martinis, made of pomegranate and vodka. They made my mouth sticky.


P.S. It’s funny when cats fall down and attack children.

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