Bermuda triangulations

From the desk of Kitty Winn

Dear Kitty Winn,

I just got out of a relationship, and have been playing the field, so to speak. My question is, whatever happened to pubic hair?! All of the young women of my recent acquaintance have either had none, or the most miniscule of landing strips. And they weren’t even strippers!

-just curious

Dear Curious,

So let Kitty get this straight, you’ve just been allowed back onto the field after a time out, and you’re going to complain about the length of the grass? Kitty simply cannot believe this impudence! A penalty flag is in order! Would you prefer astro turf?

Kitty is also perplexed by your wording…by “young women,” Kitty assumes you mean damsels of your same age, ostensibly adult. You wouldn’t by any chance be trolling grade school yards or anything of that nature? Because that might account for your findings right there.

Antipodean grooming is really a terribly personal choice. Kitty has heard of the Brazilian this, the Flemish that, even the Flying Swede, and while she may not personally buy in, who is Kitty to tell anyone what to do?

*Kitty unleashes a tinkling peal of laughter*

At any rate, a true lady should never reveal these delicate areas to anyone not prepared to fully appreciate them, no matter what the state of the flower bed. If you were more successful pitching your woo, you might convince a lass to leave a few weeds on the lawn. Until you are able to sustain an intimate relationship, Kitty suggests that you purchase a copy of the oirginal version of The Joy of Sex if the hirsute are your thing. Now trouble Kitty no more, you insolent snip!

Taxiing to Runway 3,


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