Fashion Police

Dear Kitty Winn,

Is thong underwear ever suitable for a man?

anonymous, via internet

Dear Anonathong,

No. No. No.

And No.

Hyper-spanning fabric tucked between a man’s buttocks is something no man or woman wants to see, even if he is in prime physical condition. Which most of you are not. In the worst cases we must picture the sagging, sallow, or thin pancake variety of bottom with this unholy cloth divider. It stares us down like a highway’s no passing lane. Out of the question! Nor do we want our lover’s lovely giblets lazing in a hammock. We want them housed carefully, as though they might be worth something someday.

Crucial as these considerations are, I must return to your question, which does not specifically inquire about the appeal of this offensive undergarment. You ask if they are ever suitable. And there are exceptions, ninety-nine percent of which have to do with gay male pornography. Kitty is at a loss to explain this, the whys and wherefores of gay porn not really being my area of expertise. The remaining cases are as follows:

1. You are a Sumo Wrestler (technically, not a thong, but the aesthetic result is much the same)

2. You never ever ever want intimacy to progress beyond the moment this ghastly sheath is unveiled from your trousers.

There can be no two opinions on this point!

-Kitty Winn

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