From the Desk of Kitty Winn

Dear Kitty Winn:

My problem is my new girlfriend. Now that the honeymoon, everything-swell phase is nearly at an end, we are spending a lot more time together with our clothes on. And it is slowly dawning on me that she dresses like a real geek. It’s like she had this whole wardrobe I was not allowed to see while we were casually dating. Suddenly I am seeing khaki pants and panty lines and white tennis socks and ill fitting jeans. I really like her very much, and I want to keep her. How do I get her to leave that horrible raincoat at home?

-Mr. Suave

Dear Rico Suave,

Listen to me, don’t listen to me, talk to me, don’t talk to me, dance with me, don’t dance with me — wait, were you saying something? Kitty was too busy adjusting her Dior iPod case to better display the logo.

Now why are you even bothering to waste Kitty’s time with this precious little problem? If you as stylish a guy as you say, just take her out for a Pretty Woman-style shopping spree! And call Kitty before you go, she’s got friends in the shoe department at Barney’s.

Your relationships are a reflection upon you, and it’s a good thing you are so sensitive as to realize this. Sounds like it’s time for an “I love you…but…” speech. Ellipses central! Either she will realize she’s been letting herself go and make more of an effort, or she will howl and weep and look even more unattractive with a puffy red squinched-up face. And that will make you feel much better about dumping her when you see just how vile and soggy she can look! Why, this problem practically solves itself!

Of course this is assuming that you are all that much of a much yourself. Please send Kitty a head shot and a close up of your torso. And no cheating with a 3/4 view on the headshot, Kitty wants to see profile! Also supply your shoe size.

Beep beep,


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