Hungry for love

from the desk of Kitty Winn

Dear Kitty Winn,

I have a relatively new boyfriend (six months) and an even newer bit of pudge. I have begun to exercise because I am not into it. But how do I find out if he thinks I am fat?! You can’t just ask!

I have to know!!

-can’t sleep (no trouble eating, though)

Dear Sally,

Au contraire, mon cherie, guys love it when you come right out and ask! Repeatedly. Try to cry while inquiring.

Wait until you are slated to head out for a big night on the town. Put on an especially form-fitting frock and collapse in a heap of smeared lipstick and Lee Press-Ons, drumming your feet on the divan until your mules fly off. He’ll ask “What’s wrong, darling?” and you can yank back the curtain from your fun house mirror of body image!

Actually, Kitty will let you in on the secret to men: Everyone likes a little junk in the trunk. You must learn to wave it like a juicy filet before a hungry dingo. If this guy’s not into it, you can surely find someone who is!

And why aren’t your budoir antics enough to keep off the pounds? No woman worth her weight in Fracas should have to suffer the indignity of exercising, especially after only six months of lovin’. Is this the real heart of your problem? Is he a dud between the sheets?

Let’s get physical,


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