Pin the tail on the Continent

The prodigal Lambchop has ants in the pants. I used to have that game, springing the colored plastic bits into the blue bucket overalls. Now there’s a way to spur the imagination of a young girl! Between that and my Cooties set, I was braced for My First STDs by the age of 9. Anyway, what does that have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing! What I really mean is I am ready to blow this pop stand. Pack up the makeup case and the bunny and pull up anchor. Lickety, I can count on you to slaughter the fattened calf! and some of those little finger sandwiches you like so much.

Alright stick a pin in that little thought balloon- I have to get some work done.

But to all of those who attended the candlight vigil beneath the window of Lickety’s sick chamber, I thank you. And it is my pleasure to announce to all in that she has not only NOT died, but we managed to save the leg as well! Thank the stars for our friends and consumers of detritus, the maggots! You should have seen hope alight in our young patient’s face as we packed the wound with larvae and watched them munch their way through the poisoners of her flesh.


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