I’ve always wanted to eat my weight in dill pickles

Do visit Malepregnancy.com! This would be a terrific idea if reproducing weren’t such a bad one already. Be sure to check out the “hospital’s” other projects, including the transgenic talking mouse.

Way out there in interweb land, I spy my sister making an appeal for new shoes. Wishful thinking, child! You’d best put up a PayPal begging button or an Amazon wishlist to get anywhere. Saaay….maybe I’ll put up my Amazon wishlist. Except I want really embarassing stuff. Everyone would laugh at me. Especially heather. Ah, anyway, back to the shoes. May I recommend ones made from dogs’ noses? The finest way to travel. Failing that, you might want to set your existing shoes out overnight so the elves can come and cobble them for you.

Ok, if I’m still hopelessly bored in a bit I’ll post the Lambchop FAQ! I assure you it’s a corker.


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