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What *is it* that Makes Guns Seem So Appealing These Days?

Ever feel like you got off on the wrong train, stuff like, pill on the wrong planet?  Maybe that is why I keep having to move around.  You spend too much time in one place, and barnacles begin to colonize.  That, and you find you have slept with everyone.  I love this pretty little town, and quite a few of the people in it, but this Lambchop was destined for bigger things.  So while Licketysplit is having her day ghostwritten (a concept yet more fresh and novel than my get rich quick idea of a service plan in which you pay someone to communicate thoughtfully to others for you!), while she plots world domination from the kiddie pool*, I will be locked in my studio, not just making work but hatching schemes.  Hopefully Five Years will see me having 5 ounces of salad opposite David Bowie.  

I am going to go ice skating and think about it. 

*I emailed her to ask if someone was ghost writing her replies to me.  the answer came back “maybe!”  Chilling!