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Seasonal Affectation Disorder

Nope, still not winter yet.  And yet and yet.  We wish it were over. On the other hand, I can’t believe it is almost Christmas, because I spent the last couple weeks fretting and not for buying people for things.

Someone who came to view the space last week turned out to be some kind of nutcase or fraud who has approached many people in the building to look at spaces or to buy frames from the frame shop, each time with a changing story about what he wanted. Unfortunately, the frame shop people are convinced he is casing the building for a band of thieves and marauders to hit the place over xmas. Hrmm. But he keeps calling and leaving messages. Seems like a lot of trouble and risk to score a drill driver and some scrap wood. That didn’t stop someone from pasting hysterical signage in the stairwell to warn of the danger. Giant letters warning of dangerous criminals wandering our hallways. As I said, I met the guy, showed him around even. He was actually kind of effeminate. Maybe I should ask future applicants if they have homicidal tendencies or own a ski-mask before I have them come over.

I met a lot of interesting people over the weekend, in my ongoing quest to find an appropriate exhibit for my new work and to make xmas merry with other artists and various profligates. At various salons, artists collect like the stuff around the drain.

Here I must take leave to plug an amazing little film by Remy Bennett.  It is a delightful David Lynch-esque vignette on the transformation of two gorgeously grieving women.  In face you can vote for it in a David Lynch music video contest via the attached link.  Please do.