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Life and Death and Some Other Things

Always try to help a friend in need.

Remembering you, Lady K.

This weekend I brought The Germans to New York and we did touristy things like the Staten Island Ferry and the Empire State Building. It was such a clear day, you could see to forever. Well, forever being New Jersey. And as luck would have it, Newark was hosting their annual Portuguese “Cameltoe” Parade. This involved hundreds of pots of simmering Meat, the streets flowing with Sangria and spandex. Somewhere in between I had cocktails at the Rink Bar at Rockefeller Center and later at a trashy go-go bar in Jersey, not far from where I grew up. Those Russian girls and their ????????!

I took the train back up with a bottle of Maker’s Mark and Morrissey.

In the meantime Boston has lost a creative young person. Lady K. is an old art school acquaintance/rival. We became friends when I came back, the way you do when you are old enough not to care about who can wear more lipstick. I just saw her a week or so ago. We talked about studio spaces, she recommended some. A couple months ago she laughed at me for buying kiddie underwear at the store where she worked (hey, they had stars on them!). We weren’t best friends, but she has been part of my landscape for-just-about-ever, and we were starting to be friends. Sadly, she was hit by a car on her bicycle, and fell into a coma. She was taken off life support yesterday, and has very likely died in the night.

Everything I have done for the last two days I have relished, with the painful knowledge that she was gone and unable to participate in this moment.

I am also thinking of getting a helmet.