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Spirits are sagging, energy is flagging, and lots of other things that rhyme, too! The only thing that appears to be soaring in an inspirational fashion is my credit card balance. Steve Strange told me it was ok to eat an entire pint of Dulce Delight, but then he followed up with “when you are *thin*, you are always dressed up!” Should have hired Gore Vidal instead. Live and learn! Or, rather, semi-live in a state of crippling anxiety and learn…not so much.

I didn’t learn anything last night by watching Attack!, a WWII film starring Jack Palance and Lee Marvin. Palance’s character gets run over by a tank, then crawls down a flight of stairs with a ruined arm and a busted leg, praying for enough breath to kill Eddie Albert for being a total cowardly a-hole. His death rictus was stellar. I mean, I could really relate.

Sometimes the difference between winners and non-winners (trying to be sensitive here) isn’t in the bank statement or the appealing angle of one’s nose, but simply having the will to continue. It takes guts to do anything in this world, because precious few people are going to care about it, and even fewer will foot the bill. But do something anyway. Of course, Palance fails to kill the captain and dies horribly, crying to be sent to hell. But that was bound to happen.

Don’t be discouraged, by WWII films or by life itself…attack! And while you are up, please bring me back a sandwich. You would have done for Gore Vidal.