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The curse of the baroque pearl

Mr. H insisted on dragging me off to Antarctica or Canada or Maine or wherever the hell we went. We went on a boat. There was weather on this boat. I am making a face about being on the boat. A puss. The paparazzi imortalized this moment several times over. I share it with you lest you think my life is such a heady whirl of glamour that I am unapproachable.

On the plus side, I saw some dogs. Many dogs. Dogs like me, and I like them.

It must be jelly, cuz jam don’t shake like that

My friend Jim has informed me that its peanut butter jelly time, as they say.

Tonight its Lambchop on toast. I am going to wriggle into a slinky something for the Nick Cave show. Then to an after-party. Its on a boat. See, I told you I would not be averse to a cocktail on Nick’s yacht. I wish you could come, Lickety, you have such a way on the docks! My only goal for the evening is not to get so drunk that I am falling down and acting like a retard. Like most Saturday nights.