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Give a little something to my love life

O lovers! O friends!  It is getting hot down here in the trenches.  Ok, eww. 

 The cafeteria thoughtfully set out rice balls for vday.  They were deligthfully crispy and moist.  You see where I am going with this.  Balls balls!  Chomping on balls on Valentines Day!!!  Balls. It is true that love does not make us any cleverer.  We do have enough sense in our pea brains, however, to indulge in a bit of Mozathon.  There is enough bitter longing in there for several days, one holiday cannot possibly contain it all.  But we can try.  Here is a sample playlist for those of you who will be dining with (or perhaps on) cats this evening:

Unlovable (I know the words to this song, having copied them dutifully onto several notebook covers)

I Know it’s Over/Never Had No One Ever (I always thought of this as one song, one continuous howl.  Look no farther, it gets no worse).

Reel Around the Fountain (and reel from the gayness)

Disappointed (CHECK)

I’m Hated for Loving

I’m OK by myself

I Want the One I Can’t Have

Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me (considerably more poetic than “last night I dreamt I won $15 on a scratch ticket”)

Nobody Loves Us

Now My Heart is Full

I took a walk outside and saw some love happening right in the streets.  This should come as no surprise, as I work near Times Square.  But never mind the peepshow pornstore.  It is 50 degrees, legs are bare, a man on the corner said he liked my red boots.  Balls for lunch.  Long live love!