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Love Letter

My Dear Alcohol

We have been together for so long, buy you and I. When I was just a frail teen, sales you were there to soothe my broken heart. I made such a fool of myself over you. Because of you, recipe I have vomited in potted palms, but you have also made me tender and affectionate, though usually inappropriately. You left me weeping in the store-room at McDonalds, with the Cars “Drive” playing in the background.

You have never deserted me, alcohol, even when we did not speak to each other for a year after that time I slammed a car door on the arm of a girl whose boyfriend I was shagging and ended up face down in a graveyard. Our relationship has had so many varieties!

As much as I want to be with you, and have you inside me, I think we had best take a break from each other, see other people. We will always have our memories, or some hazy variation thereof.