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You Can’t Always Buy It

Get Out the Vomitola

While Licketysplit is out voting her conscience on lunch and possibly other civic matters, we decided to torture ourselves by looking over the election maps. And we used to like the color pink!

We are hoping for the best, but it seems like everyone is expecting nightfall to bring us a new Speaker to represent the lollipop guild.

Now, I am not on the cheerleading squad for Obama or the dems. Guantanamo is still holding persons who have not been charged with anything, the wars roll on, and the executive branch continues to use the constitution for toilet paper whenever the coffee filters run out. That’s usually when the rest of us get off our cans and go to the store! For their part, the democrats are a spineless bunch of corporate bumkissers apart from Dennis Kucinich. But the GOP will certainly find ways to make everything worse, and so we find ourselves caring about it, anyway.

We did hear one piece of good news. Hemorrhage money though she would, it seems that Meg Whitman is toast for the governorship of California. One small step for sanity, one giant leap…also for sanity.