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I am voting after lunch

Get Out the Vomitola

Jeezley creezley, Lambchop. Jump the gun much? I cannot possible hold the fate of democracy in my hands before I have had a restorative sandwich! Right now I am not sure which sandwich to have, so I could be a while.

Please help me vote for a sandwich. Do I wish to have smoked salmon with cream cheese and chives on a lightly toasted focaccia, or do I wish to have an avocado-muenster melt with maybe some sprouts and tomato?  Or should I get completely looney tunes and go for tomato soup, instead? And maybe just the idea of a grilled cheese sandwich to go with that! I don’t want anything fattening. Do you think there will be a bake sale at the polls? Because I could hold out for a Rice Krispies treat.

Hang on, I have to field some political phone calls. Rudy Giuliani keeps calling me and yelling “9-11!” and hanging up. I am not sure what he wants.