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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

 by Lambchop.

Me and the old school chums collected in NH, one year older and further embittered. What do we still have in common? Childlessness, irresponsibility, we love Blur? We also love to float on the river for hours at a stretch, smoking and towing a cocktail raft. We had a Japanese cuisine night, white trash grillin’, rum drinks served in gigantic pineapples, midnight moonlit swims, fireworks, the Gay Parrot Disco, and mud wrestlin’! We inflated a giant castle in crayola colors and set sail with it on the river.

Life has its downs, even greater downs, and downers, but I hope I will always have NH on the fourth of July. Do you think I could sell these pictures as Scat Porn? Maybe if I crop out the kiddie pool.