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People…They’re the Worst!

*Someone* said this world is full of crashing bores. You can’t swing a dead cat with hitting poseurs and phonies. People who talk about how much everything sucks, but are the first with their backs to the wall. People whose creativity is best expressed by trying on a new pair of shoes. I saw a German film once that described people as “koenners, nicht koenners, und flachschwimmers”. That is, there are those that Can, those that Can’t, and those that flail around, making a public business of their failure and insecurity. Those without dignity, these are the lowest. Everyone loves a winner, and even more so a Loser, the kind of person who can toast his own inadequacy, and then ask you for money. A “flachschwimmer” is a full grown adult who is still wearing water wings, and choking.

Just when you really start to repine your own humanity, you overhear the following (pronounced by a 15 year old boy):

“Everybody wants to be black until the cops show up!”