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All We want for Christmas…

Greetings, Vomiketeers! It is almost time for another Crappy Kringle. I hope you are all enjoying navigating the hordes of chancred shoppers in your quests for the perfect inlaid shoehorn for your girlfriend’s mother to wedge her sausagey feet into a new pair of Totes. We will be with you in spirit when you are drunk at an undercooked ham dinner, stuttering to suppress your distaste for your porcine cousin’s support for George Dubya. We loathe your family and your plastic yule log almost as much as you do.

Which brings us to Lambchop’s Annual Xmas Wish List:

1. A warm coat

2. Lots and lots of angsty music

3. more drugs!

4. I said more drugs!

and finally,

5. a little health and happiness for me and my Licketysplit!