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Just-so story: file under famous, international

I’m back in greater Massachusetts. I saw a lot of dogs in Baltimore. That was great! I love dogs. Every other block, one could say “Look at that dog,” and mean it.

I was not discovered on the shuttle. I can’t understand why not, after all that special treatment in Baltimore, such as the car service being on time. Way to get a girl’s hopes up. It’s just as well, because my hair was a mess.

I am tired of worrying about all the usual things I worry about. This is mindblowing. I no longer make a daily “Or Else” list. If the laundry needs doing, I, you know, do it. If I feel like meeting someone for lunch, it just happens. I’ve also discovered that I don’t suffer from social anxiety. I just don’t like most people. I’m not crazy; I’m stuck-up. What a damn load off.

Just because I am a Bad Person, doesn’t make me a Bad Person

The list of persons who aren’t speaking to me just grows and grows. For much of this I am grateful, because there are very few people whose struggles interest me. If you are one of those people who gets their head stuck in the door on your way out of the house, you are one of them! No, no this is a bad habit – that of keeping company with those whose folly amuses you. I like to keep the circle of friends irony-free. But I have at long last uncovered another painful truth- I am fundamentally undateable! How I slogged toward this conclusion is not important, I am just looking forward to dedicating my remaining years to bitterness and ire in my studio.