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Out there

Yesterday I went to the airport. Mr. H and I watched planes take off, and we had chowder. There is a recording of the mayor’s voice playing over the moving walkways from central parking. You can hardly tell what he’s saying. Something about art and food. Maybe. Mummmm mmmm mumm mumm AHT mmmm mum.

After the airport, I went to meet Lambchop at Target. We took the underwear section for all it was worth. We are not allowed back in that particular Target.

Then I had work to do, so I went home and worked until it was rather late. I checked to see if Mr. H’s flight had arrived yet, and it had not. But the real time radar refreshed automatically, so a window would pop up and show me where he was. It was like I were flying too! He was there, and then there, and even there. And not here to make me coffee this morning. I make really shitty coffee.