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The Lonely Hearts Club

It’s Saturday night. There are parties to go to, drinks to be spilled, hands to slide up skirts, and lampoil burning in studios. But it is also a night for lonelyhearts. For lonelyhearts, Saturday night is like christmas to an orphan- it turns the solitary number 1 into an exclamation point.

So, while we clean our brushes, go out and get drunk and felt up, we leave the floor to one of the loneliest people we know:

I’m hot, I’m so very hot. You look at me and see how HOT I am. Have an egg- fresh from my body onto your plate. They are also Hot. I like planaria and grubs and so do you. and I am HOT. Hey, i know what you two are going to do in there. Gottagetlaid, gottagetlaid. CHICKEN LADY LOVES LIFE!