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Come away with me… to Erotic Ireland

Pointless search terms clip show, past month or so:

bea arthur


john currin

kitty winn

a magzine about littering


brazillian flip-flop

conway savage



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hello my honey hello my baby

how to get lizzie mcguire hairstyles

how to papasan chair problem cushion slip

carson kressley horse

marabou christmas tree

pink marabou tree

nine layer dip recipe

snake and jake’s

pop you in the pooper

3 dots on knuckle tattoo

fair spanish ladies

a list of all the lipsmackers

boston cat lady heidi erickson

amex centurion card picture

If there is a rumor about Carson Kressley and a horse, please send me detailed mail. I am all a-twitter, does it mean Catherine the Great style cavorting, or a heroin problem? Although I doubt Carson would do anything so bad for the complexion. If you find out how to do your hair just like Lizzie McGuire, let me know that as well. If your papasan is slipping all over the place, try not having sex in it. And remember, we are tops in anal leakage.


Gay Day

Light the candles, physician delicately scented of hydrangea, health sip a manhattan and nibble at some hot pepper chocolates! In between all the delighted squeals of praise for the Fab Five, I have heard complaints that “Queer Eye” is enforcing the stereotype of homos as refined, attractive, youthful and creative people. Heavens no! I urge anyone who finds this an ill-applied and offensive distinction to march in protest. Please choose a remote location so that I may safely ignore your bloated visage, painful body odor, and the misspellings of your poorly handwritten sign.

Lambchop fully supports myths of beauty. Feel free to assume that I, being female, am perfect in every way. That violets blossom in my tiny footprints as I emerge from the bath like a silken Aphrodite.

The only drawback to being female that I can see is that Carson Kressley will never take me shopping!