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Lambchop’s Greatest Hits

It occurred to me as I rode the train back from New York, loopy from bourbon and the parade of latino girls in pube-risers…this is another topic, let me start sgain. It was the 13th of June, exactly the same day as I set out last year from Berlin, heading home. I wanted adventure. So what the hell have I done? Well here is a handy list to answer that very question!

1. Made 15 paintings.

2. Cross country mammajamma from New Orleans to LA to SF to Phoenix to LA, in that order.

3. Got a haircut and a job. Quit. Got a new haircut.

4. Licketysplit’s Wedding!!! (with fireworks!)

5. Two trips to the hospital, one incl. surgery!

6. Rode my bicycle in a blizzard in hotpants.

7. Visited the Berlin of my youth.

8. Floated on a flower shaped raft on a river in NH for a week with the Naughty Girls.

9. Turned 30! Quit smoking (99%).

10. Livin’ in Smugglers Notch.

Thanks once again for everyone who helps make starting over FUN.

By the way, I am a kitty cat and I dance, dance, dance.