Much has transpired in 2011. I have gone from sitting around in my underwear to sitting around in my underwear. In the Caribbean.

So where have I been? My brain is constantly buzzing. It rarely gets me anywhere. As a thought publisher, I become confused as to where to distribute my best thoughts. There are ramifications. Do I choose Facebook? Twitter? This esteemed site? Tumblr? Should I post a boob shot or disapproving scowl on Instagram? Lengthy comment on a Foursquare check-in? Should I just do a group text? An actual email?  Will what I’m thinking of saying get me fired or arrested? The answer to that last one is often “yes.”

And there’s a question of publishing opportunity. I require regular helpings of sleep and alcohol. Work has the incredibly poor taste to be time consuming. Oh, I got a new nemesis, y’all!  I am not a time waster.

My loose plan is to battle my raging case of ADD and post every day for an entire month. I think I could coast for an entire week just on pictures of dogs with ennui, but that’s not very sporting, is it?

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