I know you are probably all tired of news Warlock, but I heard yesterday that Sheen has been offered his job back on his crappy show.  And to that I say “hooray”.  “WINNING!” I say.  Charlie Sheen is a very fitting representative for this country.  For this is a country of lardass “exceptionalists” led by a jug-eared bastard who understands the concept of civil liberties, but prefers indefinite detention.  I don’t think a tsunami could wash away 8,000 of our citizens because they weigh too damn much.  Operation Odyssey Dickrinse.  Awesome!  Can’t wait to pay my taxes.  I hope we will be melting the faces off some orphans in Libya.  They deserve it, for not being born here where they could all be Exceptional.  And did I mention really fat?  To sum up, we deserve a cultural representative in Charlie Sheen, a man who can stab a woman with a salad fork, and still be on the tee vee.  Who cares if he likes to bang rocks and beat women? At least he is not a government whistleblower.  Then he would still be naked in a jail cell, but without being charged with anything.  This is America, shoot someone in the face if you must, just don’t tell the truth. I am sure we will continue to pursue nuclear energy programs, even if Japan scorches off the face of the planet.  We were probably planning to do that anyway.  Charlie Sheen is the perfect icon for a destruction prone people incapable of learning anything.

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