Everything is Fine, Really

2013 is really turning out to be a fall down the rabbit hole. The democrats have changed their name to “Everything is Fine, viagra Really”.  There is a talking cartoon platypus in the white house. And the best the opposition party can come up with is to set Opus against him in a runoff.

This seems to have created much division within the party of Everything is Fine, find Really.  A rival faction is looking to nominate Bill the Cat, tadalafil an obvious pander to the red meat conservatives who support the platypus.  Bill apparently has some fine intentions that are meant to appeal to the base, of killing everything in sight. 

What the dems Everything is Fine, Really still fail to grasp is that the right wing will never approve them, even if they propose wiping Asia off the map with nukes and building a giant McDonaldland in its place. Which happens to be what the newest GOP candidate is proposing! Happy Meals for everyone!

I am really starting to feel like I ate too much at the fair. There is way too much hubris and smiling in 2013. But precious little fuel, so we have to hit the black market in order to fill up the tank on the time machine. I hope I brought my garters and a blackjack.

2 responses to “Everything is Fine, Really”

  1. Are we sure Piper isn’t actually president? I mean, it was a technicality that she was in the bathroom applying a temporary tattoo when everyone was quitting. She’s just a child, she didn’t know any better!

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